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At Closer to Africa we are committed to bringing you tour experiences with a closer connection to the destination explored.  We do this by using community tour guides and utilising local, home based service providers when designing tours

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Closer to Africa was born to serve the Free Independent Traveler


We use home based businesses and structure tours that give back to the community 

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We are Local Area Experts giving you a closer connection to the people and places you visit


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 We offer a range of bespoke & themed excursions



Bo-Kaap Koesister Tour

Guided by a local, you'll be welcomed into a family home where guests will start preparing Koesister dough. 20 mins after, you'll taken on a walking tour journey down memory lane into Bo-Kaap's past. We uncover Turkish, Dutch and Old Javanese heritage that shaped Cape Malay culture, and later contributed to a host of national South African delicacies including the Cape Malay Koesister.  We end off our tour a back at the home where we'll take a moment to pause and enjoy a tea and refreshment break followed by a practical demonstration of how Koesisters are made from scratch. You'll leave knowing what to shop for and how to make Authentic Cape Malay Koesisters, complete with all the old stories behind them.

Koesister making demonstration with a Bo-Kaap walking tour

Bo-Kaap Heritage Tour

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Starts at:    46 Rose Street, Bo-Kaap
Length:       3 hrs                                            Starts:         9am     Ends:        12pm
Min Pax:     4           Max Pax:  20
Includes:    Entry fees, walking tour, tea &    refreshments,   Koesisters making a demonstration   at  Bo-Kaap home.   

Excludes:   Transport and Gratuity

Our tour promises to take you on a completely unique journey into the rich history and living culture of the people of Bo-Kaap, plus you'll get to meet "My Hood" and check out some Bo-Kaap family life.  We offer an in-depth look into the history, culture, and life of the people of Bo-Kaap.  We explore 'off the beaten path'  to Bo-Kaap's oldest community center and Muslim school (Madrassa).   We also visit a Bo-Kaap home for tea and traditional biscuits as well as one of Bo-Kaaps oldest Mosque's.


Bo-Kaap Walking Tour with a traditional tea break

Starts at:   Bo-Kaap Museum, 71 Wale St
Length:      2hrs 15 Mins                              Starts:        10am     Ends:        12:15pm
Min Pax:     4            Max Pax:  20
Includes:    All entry fees, walking tour, tea & refreshments,   Koesisters making a demonstration at a Bo-Kaap home.           

Excludes:   Transport and Gratuity

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The Bo-Kaap Experience

An immersive sightseeing and culinary journey across Bo-Kaap visiting many sites including a Muslim School where you'll be treated to a tea break with koeksisters and traditional biscuits before visiting a Saintly Shrine and Mosque. After the 2-hour walking tour, you'll be hosted at Zainie Misbach's home where you'll learn how to make Roti's, Samoosa's, Dhaaltjies and a mouth-watering Cape Malay Chicken Curry. Guests will also learn the secrets of mixing masala and how to cook perfect rice! After a rigorous cooking workshop, our guests enjoy a relaxing lunch whist discussing recipes, food, culture, and life. Takeaways include a booklet of Zainie's favorite recipes and mixed Masala spice.

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Half-day experience

with tea-break, cooking

lesson & lunch

Starts at:    Bo-Kaap Museum, 71 Wale St
Length:      4hrs 15 Mins                             

Starts:         9am       Ends:        1:15pm
Min Pax:     4             Max Pax:  20
Includes:    All entry fees, walking tour, tea & refreshments, biscuits, full cooking lesson - 4 dishes, snacks, gourmet Cape Malay lunch and take-away recipe booklet & mixed spice   

Excludes:   Transport and Gratuity


The Bo-Kaap Intro Tour

This tour is designed for a brief orientation of the area from a locals perspective.  We stroll through some of the areas oldest roads and visit shops, mosques and the burial grounds of Bo-Kaap's founding Sheik, Tuan Guru. 


A 1hr sightseeing tour of this 300+ year old community guided by a local

Starts at:  Bo-Kaap Museum, 71 Wale St
Length:    1hrs 15 Mins 

Starts:      2pm     Ends:  3:15pm
Min:           4           Max:    20
Includes:    All entry fees, walking tour           

Excludes:   Transport and Gratuity


We explore this unique community's history and how its come to shape the diverse area we see today.  Guests will visit Churches, Mosques and Markets to discover Salt River.  Our experience ends with a local lunch served at a social venue.

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Meet the amazing kids of this historical community of Fishermen.  Our tour explores the community on foot with stops at a community garden followed by a perfect ending with lunch at a local food market.



Woodstock Art Tour

Salt River Community  Tour

Hout Bay Fishermans Community Tour

A rigorous walking tour exploring Woodstock's Art scene with interesting takes on the duality of local street graffiti and international street art.  We end with a group lunch a community eatery where you can sample local flavours and socialize whist sharing in each others experiences.






Bo-Kaap is a community perched on the borders of Cape Town's CBD.   Almost as old as Cape Town itself,  Bo-Kaap or Schoteskloof was built in the mid-seventeenth century by Dutch colonizers of the Cape.   This area became home to exiles,  slaves, workers, tradesmen, and all others that were brought to the Cape from occupied territories including,  Java (Indonesia), Ceylon and India.  


Bo-Kaap Later became known as the home of the Cape Malay's when respected and noble Islamic scholars were exiled to the Cape such as the great Tuan Guru who came from a noble Moroccan lineage and was a member of the Royal House of Tidor,  one of the famous spice islands famous for the Clove.  He taught Islam in Bo-Kaap and established the first Mosque and Madrassa (Muslim School) in South Africa where Islam began to grow.


Our Story


We are a family business run by first-generation Bo-Kaap locals born with a desire to host, help and meet people from all walks of life.   

Coming from big muti-cultural families,  we've spent our lives hosting guests from distant family members visiting from abroad,  to neighbours from a few roads away.   

With the success of the Bo-Kaap Cooking Tour and other family-run businesses, we've decided to branch off to create a business focussed on culturally themed, sustainable and educational half-day tours aimed at the Free Independent Traveller


Mission & Values


We are passionate about sustainable community tourism,  hence our objective is to design experiences that empower and give back to the community,  we do this by using local service providers and encouraging home-based informal businesses.

This is augmented by a network of local tour guide partners,  or 'Local Experts', as we like to call them. ​  
Our mission is to become leaders on the African continent for sustainable community tourism offering a full suite of tour services while playing our role in the communities we work in, leaving a positive impact

We eat, pray, love & socialise. 

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